KST Travel is a full service agency, offering white glove concierge service!  We have 3 primary agents that specialize in Disney Vacations (parks, cruises and Adventures by Disney), group travel (school fundraisers, church and mission groups, as well as family reunions) and corporate travel (air, hotel, car, meetings, and incentive trips) in addition to leisure travel!

Who are our agents and how can you reach us?

  • Sue Kraft -
    • Sue.Kraft@KSTTravel.com – 678.559.8596
  • Beth Team -
    • Beth.Teal@KSTTravel.com – 770.876.4123
  • Michelle Swann -
    • Michelle.Swann@KSTTravel.com – 951.756.3800
  • Toll Free – 855.266.5368

What is white glove concierge service?  We like to think of it as providing you with everything you need to have a great trip.  From checking you in for your flights if you can’t get to a computer to arranging for meeting rooms, special meals, show tickets – the works!  For our corporate clients, we can also collect electronic receipts for your expense reports.

We have offices on both coasts of the US.  Sue and Beth are both located in Canton Georgia.  Michelle is in California, close to Long Beach.   Normal online office hours are 8AM eastern – 7 PM pacific time, Monday – Friday.  Weekend and evening hours are available upon request.  Appointments are also available!  When was the last time a travel agent came to you?  For us, it is standard practice!  We can meet you at your home, office, or your local Starbucks!

Please note that we are a part of KHM Travel Group, and our booking engine is through KHM.  When you use our booking engine to research your travel needs,  not see all of our agents listed due to space available in the page header.

I for one have to admit that SCARY and VACATION are two words that I normally do NOT use together!  Heck, I have had scary vacations – and they are really not my style…   But that is a different kind of scary, and with fall being here, and Halloween “creeping” up on us… It is hard to resist these 6 trips!  

1. Take a trip to Salem, Mass. Once upon a time, witches really were hanged here (and one poor soul was crushed to death). Now the city boasts a memorial to the victims and hosts an official Witches Ball in October. Other fall festivities include a haunted street fair, celebrations of paranormal events and ghost tours.  This could be a great long weekend, and a history lesson to boot!

2. Make the trek to Los Angeles and go to the Hollywood Sign. Hikers claim to have seen the ghost of Hollywood starlet Peg Entwistle near the famous sign. Back in 1932, this young woman was despondent (over her career?), so she leapt to her death from the “H” in the sign. The sign originally spelled out “Hollywoodland” as an advertisement for a real estate development so who knows, you may see ghosts of contractors and carpenters as well.  For those on the West coast, this could be a day trip!  But for my friends on the East coast or in the middle states, it too could be a long weekend!  

3. Venture north to New York and head to the Empire State Building. Plenty of ghosts reportedly haunt the observation deck of this iconic building which has seen its share of jumpers, but it should be crowded with the ghosts of old movies since so many were filmed here!  Another great long weekend trip!  Add in a visit to Times Square, a stop at the M&M store and a ride out to see Lady Liberty and you have filled a weekend!  (Don’t forget to get up early to be in the Today Show crowd!)

4. Blow into Chicago and head to the best ballpark – Wrigley Field. There are a lot of stories about ghosts seen at the park (and we’re not talking about the haunted look on the faces of Cubs players). The most common specter seems to be former player/manager Charlie Grimm (perfect, right?). Mr. Grimm is thought to be responsible for a phone that sometimes rings in the bullpen – in the middle of the night.   Standard tours are offered daily and on non game days they include visits to the dugout and both clubhouses.  VIP and Legends tours are also available and KST Travel can help book all of these!  Once you have taken your tour, head on over to Navy Pier or walk the Magnificent Mile or head over to one of the wonderful museums that Chicago has to offer!  

5. Boogie out to Bodie, California. This small but authentic ghost town was abandoned in the 1930s; what remains of this once-thriving gold mining center are some creepy-looking buildings and an eerie stillness. See the faded books in the schoolroom and ancient canned goods in the general store but don’t overlook the little cemetery.   While Bodie is open all year. However, because of the high elevation (8375 feet), it is accessible only by skis, snowshoes or snowmobiles during winter months.  Bodie is a state park, and guided tours are available on a first come first serve basis.   

And, finally, if you want to get a little further from home, last on my little list is…

6. Paris, France. You’ve heard of some of the famous names buried as Pere Lachaise from Chopin to Edith Piaf, from Marcel Proust to Marcel Marceau – and Oscar Wilde. Look for crowds around the grave of Doors singer Jim Morrison or just look for Jim hanging out – some say the Lizard King is restless!  There is so much  to do in Paris…  I’m not even sure where to start…  That could be a post of it’s own!

Want to know more? Ready to book? Call me – 678.559.8596 or email me – Sue.Kraft@KSTTravel.com!

I think my favorite vacation spot is a cruise.  I am a water person, and I love to listed to the sound of the ocean as we power through to the next exciting port!

We are closing in on Cunard’s 2 of 1 Adventure Month, but there are still incredible deals to be had!  Now you can get fabulous 2 of 1 fares on select cruises to the South Pacific, South Africa, Australia, Asia, the Arabian Sea, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, or you could take a transatlantic voyage or travel through the Panama Canal.

Decisions decisions…  Which would you take?  maybe for you it would be a 23 day San Francisco to Australia cruise…  How about a 19 day Sydney to Hong Kong voyage?  Both of these sound very appealing to me!

Whats the catch you ask?  Where is the fine print?  Here it is…  You need to book by September 1, 2013.  The  2-for-1 offer is based on a 50% per person discount off Early Booking Fares on a space available basis at time of reservation in Inside staterooms (category ID/IC) on select sailings.   Don’t want an inside stateroom?  Not a problem!  Discounts on other categories and on other World Voyage segments may be available.  Contact me to get more information and to get your cruise booked!  Sue.Kraft@KSTTravel.com  678.559.8596

How do you like to vacation?  How often do you vacation?  Does your budget determine where you go and for how long?  Or, are you a value shopper?

Lets face it, there is a difference between a budget friendly trip and a cheap one.  Seriously, there is!  What do you think of when you think cheap vacation?  No offence to Tom Bodett, but I think Motel 6, long car drives and small swimming pools.  If this is your idea of a vacation I am good with it, after all it is YOUR vacation not mine.

On the other hand what do you think of when you hear budget friendly trip or vacation?  To me a Marriott comes to mind (they have the lights on too!).  It has a fridge and coffee maker in the room, there may or may not be a long car drive and the pool is large and there are towels there so I don’t have to bring my bath towel with me.

OK, I know you are all laughing now.  Truth be told, my vacation of choice is a cruise.  Multiple places to see, multiple pools, drink of the day offerings, youth clubs for my kids and someone to make the bed daily – and I get chocolate on my pillow nightly!

Laughing and kidding aside, I take my personal travel seriously.  And when I am working I take my clients travel seriously!  So, when you call me and you give me a destination idea and a budget I try my “darndest” to pull a rabbit out of my hat and get you the best deal that I can.  And, lets face it, times have been tough, so I tug on many rabbit ears!  But, I do have a lot of success.   I am successful because I have a lot of training, and I get to see a  lot of industry deals!

So, when you are sitting with the family wondering where you go for a break before school starts up again, or for one of your school breaks – or maybe you need an adult weekend away, give me a call and let me pull a rabbit out of my hat for you and your family!

As a reminder, KST Travel is partnering with some of the Cherokee County school PTO’s and school organizations, and have fund raising trips set up for the September (Fall), November (Thanksgiving), Christmas, February (Winter) and April (Spring) breaks as well as the Cherokee Highschool Graduation Trip for June.  We have Disney, the Smokey Mountains, Panama City, Carnival Cruise Lines and more – all with special pre-negotiated rates that are lower than retail AND give back to the organizations!

Contact us for more information!

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